Bad day for Rachel: Late to drive her son to school, she finds herself stuck in a traffic light behind a car that won’t restart. Losing patience, she honks and walks past. A few meters further on, the same pick-up stops at his level. Her driver asks her to apologize, but she refuses. Furious, he begins to follow her … Rachel’s day turns into a real nightmare.

Beyond this crazy and dreadful story, already begins very well with this range of information produced in a very syncopated and distressing way, which the opening credits tell us … We thus perceive through this the startling diagnosis and relentless of our current societies, totally sick with stress, worry or fear in the face of our new, increasingly rapid lifestyles, where we are both permanently connected and increasingly alone and isolated! All the aggressiveness that results from it is shown here at its peak with these few destabilizing images … What moreover our health crisis will further reinforce, with this blind and generalized fear panic which sets in, a phenomenon with still consequences much more dramatic and dangerous than the viral contamination itself! And so by the furious madness of this man left behind in our society, it is all the discomfort of men and women abandoned and destroyed by a system without appeal, that we will be able to understand and measure here. Of course if Russell Crowe perfectly embodies the dangerous and bloodthirsty individual ready to do anything to do battle and do justice in his own way, this according to his own logic and his own experience, we also think of all these other dramas ” left behind ”who also literally went out of their way by brutally killing them without counting around them, which the news unfortunately tells us too often! Quite a mutual discomfort which after a simple annoyance manifested by a blow of the horn, will degenerate in an unimaginable and terrible way for Rachel (Caren Pistorius) and even more, without saying a word too much of course! The escalation in determination and violence will be insane, with increasingly palpable moments of tension, which will cause this pursuit to become sheer destructive madness! To see this woman trapped by an individual with a “deranged” psychology, shivers down your spine, even though the latter holds his own reasoning since he perfectly explains his real motives for revenge! If nothing goes for him, someone must indeed pay, especially since if somewhere he finds something in common with his situation … This detail is very important in Derrick Borte’s demonstration, and give this film all its interest! So despite some annoying and obvious inconsistencies, the performances of the actors and the fact of this monstrous and frightening gear, make this achievement a real success! We also think of the movie “The New Savages”, or the much more distant “Duel”, especially when you have had a night yourself, this kind of frightening experience on a highway! In any case, it is obvious that we should all center our thinking on the true meaning of life, the one that escapes us day by day, being far too self-centered through these devastating social networks and now by this fixed and senseless idea of ​​hyper protection, without anything really justifying it if we just inform ourselves a minimum … A whole context that leads us to have a vigilante soul towards others, with the dangers that that features! This film by Derrick Borte, therefore already has in itself the merit of warning us in the face of a sick and selfish world which makes us more and more indifferent, by gradually and insidiously modifying our behavior, and thus forgetting the values. essential which constitute “real life”, those of love, listening, sharing and respect … To really discover and meditate, now forgetting to honk while driving! It will already be a good start …

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