Wonder Woman 1984

Following the adventures of Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman, Amazon became a superheroine in our world.

Well, the two Michel, there they are getting old, finally, they become rather picky on
false connections that nobody notices and does not highlight things
much more obvious than most of us have spotted!

The most striking example is the German spy who follows our two heroes who land in London. Have you noticed the aforementioned character, wearing a “melon” and blond / red beard that we see at the beginning then, passes in front of Steve and Diana, in the turnstile of the building, follows them and who, then, by a miracle of teleportation, crosses them to practically jostle them, follows them again to finally get ahead of them and trap them in a deserted alley! Big staging problem there!

Well, our two favorite accomplices have noted the concern for the sword and the whip of
Diana; on the other hand, not a word on the shield! How does she manage to
camouflage and take it out at will? Big problem there too!

Finally, not a word on the phone call Belgium (Velde) / London with an ease that borders on the ridiculous! It is possible that a direct line from a country occupied by the Germans towards an enemy country ??? Ha, Belgacom, it’s a famous supplier!

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