Deadpool & Wolverine

While waiting for the release of “Deadpool & Wolverine” on July 24, a fan remade the trailer in his own style with Lego and the result is stunning! The director of the film was himself impressed by the video! Unveiled on February 15, the Deadpool 3 trailer caused a stir, generating more than 365 million views in 24 hours! Expected to hit theaters on July 24, the blockbuster brings together the trashiest superhero in the Marvel universe and the clawed mutant from the X-Men, Wolverine! The Multiverse of Madness

Deadpool & Wolverine marks the reunion of Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman and the arrival of the heroes in the MCU after the acquisition of 20th Century Fox by Disney in 2019. Shawn Levy’s film plays the multiverse card to the fullest since numerous variants of our favorite superheroes and mutants should be in the cast.

We know that there will be several iterations of Deadpool (including Dogpool) and Wolverine, but we still don’t know precisely which actors will make cameos. See you on July 24, 2024 in theaters to find out.

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