Going to Detroit for a job interview, Tess finds herself renting an “Airbnb” during her stay. But when she arrives late at night, she discovers that the house is already occupied and that a strange man named Keith is already staying there… Despite the embarrassment, she resignedly decides to spend the night there, the hotels of the surroundings being complete. But awakened in her sleep by mysterious sounds, Tess will embark despite herself on a series of terrifying discoveries…

When she arrives in Detroit, Tess is surprised to discover that her small house rented by Airbnb is already occupied by a young man. Apologizing while explaining to him that he too had reserved the premises via another service, the named Keith invites him to come in so that both of them can clarify the situation. A bit wary, Tess nevertheless crosses the threshold of the door. And the title of the feature film, “Barbarian”, invades the screen with its not very reassuring letters…

What can be said of a film about which nothing should be said, at the risk of eroding the enormous effect of surprise that its discovery can represent?

Just maybe in its genre, “Barbarian” clearly did not steal its pretty unexpected success at the American box office (it won almost ten times its bet).

Just that from Zach Cregger, second-class actor, director in his spare time known mainly for the schoolboy comedy “Miss March” (in other words nothing), we could never have imagined such a crazy survival proposal, using to the perfection of trompe-l’oeil situations, a narrative structure as daring as it is jubilant in its progression, aesthetic ideas and staging in real harmony with the point of view of its protagonists or even a tasty balance between the moments of greatest tension and a black humor as creepy as it is corrosive (special mention to a certain character caught in this gear, you will recognize him without difficulty).

Just that we don’t regret for a moment having kept an eye on the career of Georgina Campbell, a very talented British actress, with often interesting choices and who, here, finds a leading role on the big screen in a project that has necessarily the merit of not looking like any other (the actors who accompany him are also to be saluted).

Just that, in the list of excellent surprises of contemporary US horror cinema intended for cinemas (this one will unfortunately only be released on Disney+ in France), “Barbarian” will easily be close to a film like “Don’t Breathe “by the originality of its concept but also of its die-hard tone, which forbids nothing, to exploit it to its full extent.

Just that “Barbarian” is probably one of the best movies to use a certain classic 60’s hit in the funniest way during its closing credits.

Just… Damn, what a treat!
The few clumsiness on certain actions of the heroine, moreover rather clever at first glance (where we are surprised to yell “GET OUT!!!” at her in front of the screen) or points that would have been even further in the utter horror (we may be big freaks too, but “Barbarian” so happily blows off the hinges of its screenplay Pandora’s box that we come to ask for more and more) are quickly swept away by this general feeling of to have witnessed a totally enjoyable survival, full of good ideas at all levels and accompanied by a real vision to implement them in a whole thought out with talent and audacity!
Hurry and visit this house rented by poor Tess! Like her, you will probably be amazed by what is there.

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