In Barbie Land, you are a perfect being in a perfect world. Unless you’re in existential crisis, or you’re Ken.
Mattel is unsurprisingly looking to break its stereotypical image of the spindly blonde American woman.
I admit that they play it skillfully and manage to make a rather funny self-criticism at times. With however an uncomfortable heaviness on certain scenes.

Where the film leaves a bitter taste is that there is a benevolent gaze on women but it is final on men. In fact Mattel continues what it knows how to do: to create devastating stereotypes, this time about men.

This acerbic look spoiler: sums up perfectly towards the end where a Ken wants to become supreme judge and a Barbie retorts that he can be a judge but just in a small court: the place of the ken in Barbie Land will be identical to that of women in American society

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