Burning Days

Emre, a determined and inflexible young prosecutor, has just been appointed to a small, remote town in Turkey. As soon as he arrives, he comes up against local notables who are determined to defend their privileges by all means, even the most extreme.

The initial idea that Emin Alper had in mind was to portray a lonely idealist fighting against the corrupt elite of a city. The idea was inspired to the director by the recent political experiences of his country. He explains: “You can always have the courage and the will to fight against corrupt and authoritarian politicians, but when you see that these people are popular and that they are re-elected by the people again and again, you feel hopeless. , and isolated.”

“And then, after a while, you feel like you have to overcome your depression and start fighting again, until the next failure. In recent years, we have been caught in a vicious circle like this. Not only my countries, but many others have similar experiences, so I decided to write a story to portray this almost universal case and convey the loneliness of people who are appalled by the rise of authoritarian populisms.”

“Yaniklar, where the action of the film takes place, is an entirely fictional city but it is a microcosm of Turkey. A microcosm had to be created, as Ibsen did in An Enemy of the People. This play, written there almost a century and a half ago, was one of my great inspirations.”

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