Clifford The Big Red Dog

Emily Elizabeth, a young schoolgirl, receives an adorable little red dog as a gift from a magician. What is her surprise when she wakes up the next day in her small New York apartment facing the same dog that has become…giant! Her mother, who raises her alone, being on business trips, Emily embarks with her uncle Casey, as whimsical as he is unpredictable, on an adventure full of surprises and twists through the Big Apple. Adapted from the beloved character from the popular Scholastic book series, CLIFFORD is going to teach the world a great lesson in love!

A schoolgirl, whose mother has been away all weekend and who finds herself looked after by her irresponsible uncle, is going to see herself decked out by chance with a red puppy recovered from an animal bric-a-brac run by a funny old gentleman. .
Following a magical wish, the dog will become HUGE and invasive.
It’s hard to judge a film whose main target is 6-12 year olds when you’re over fifty like me, except that I was royally bored.
Certainly, the adventures of this mutt are quite entertaining, but devil that the whole is cutesy with messages as telephoned as “one should not judge a living being on its color or its appearance”.
For a young audience, this may pass, but adult guides may quickly doze off…

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