Don’t Worry Darling

The chronicle of an isolated community in the California desert in the heart of the 1950s, in which a housewife finds her life turned upside down.
The best way to love a movie or not be disappointed is to watch a movie without seeing a trailer or a poster. And there, I am pleasantly surprised by this film because I had a great time; because in my opinion, Olivia Wilde made an excellent film.

The scenario is very well worked; the universe is intriguing and visually clean, especially since the plot is really interesting and keeps us in suspense from the beginning to the last second. The story has a knack for creating mystery as it goes and therefore makes the audience want to stay hooked on the story. The characters are numerous and the fact that we forget the relationships between the characters is absolutely disturbing; otherwise, the characters of the few main characters are faithful from A to Z.

Then, the realization is really incredible. Already, in terms of photographic direction, the film is very good because the shots are beautiful symmetrical tableaux or else with sets that are faithful (I believe) to the era of the 1950s. Indeed, the sets are realistic and the music is also incredibly well paced; that is to say, it guides the film. On the other hand, the film has a rather slow pace and leaves a hollow towards the middle of the film, but it is not disturbing. The universe invented by Olivia Wilde is super interesting and believable: both the 1950s part and the dystopian future part. Without forgetting that we feel the tension felt by the protagonist.

Without much surprise, I recommend this film because it is a beautiful gift, a very cool surprise. The script is good and the staging is qualitative even if the pace is a little slower.

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