Extraction 2

After miraculously surviving the events of the first installment, Australian special forces mercenary Tyler Rake returns for a perilous new mission: to rescue the martyred family of a ruthless Georgian gangster from prison. Like every year now, Netflix is releasing a promotional video to present the films it will be releasing in the coming months. The platform has just put online that of 2023 and there is something for everyone. She does not play the suspense card by already revealing the release dates.

For example, we learn in the video that the quirky comedy Murder Mystery 2 with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston will be released on March 31. It will be necessary to wait until June 16 to find Chris Hemsworth aka Tyler Rake in the sequel. The summer will also be rich in blockbusters since August 11 will be online the action film Heart of Stone with Gal Gadot.

The end of the year on Netflix will be just as busy and it is not to displease us. The film that catches all our attention is The Killer, the next Fincher starring Michael Fassbender which was partly shot in Paris. Just like that of heroic fantasy, Damsel, a genre with which the platform often crashes.

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