Kraven The Hunter

Kraven the Hunter chronicles the bloody genesis of one of the Marvel Universe’s most iconic supervillains before his infamous vendetta against Spider-Man.
“We are not born evil, we become it…” In the big family of Spider-Man enemies, here is Sergei Kravinoff, alias Kraven the Hunter. More than a villain, the character born in the Marvel pages in 1964 should be approached as an anti-hero in the feature film dedicated to him.

A film that completes the superheroic franchise woven by Sony around the outstanding villains of the Spider-Man universe, after Venom and Morbius.
Led by a sharp Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who plays a Marvel character for the second time after being Quicksilver in Avengers Age of Ultron (2015), Kraven the Hunter features the son of a fearsome and ruthless mobster, decided to harden the heirs of his criminal empire, even if it means abandoning his son in the savannah, considered too weak, injured by a lion.

It is the wild beast’s blood, flowing over the young man’s wounds, which will endow him with superhuman strength, developed speed, very sharp senses (did you say flair?), an ability to connect with animals to track down his prey… and a certain tendency to savagery, which he uses to take revenge on his parent and his henchmen.

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