After the dramatic death of her husband in London, a young woman decides to go and recharge her batteries alone in a remote village in the depths of England.
Very quickly, strange events and bizarre characters will radically begin to spoil his stay…
The first 1/2 hour is soft, but gently prepares the viewer for a more stressful sequel in a slightly unhealthy atmosphere.
The main course finally arrives with a gradually toxic and tense vibe.
At this stage, we do not jump, we are almost not afraid, but we can clearly say that a kind of discomfort is quite palpable.
Then comes the dessert: indigestible, ugly, twisted, gory, unbearable, bordering on incomprehensible!
Certainly, we feel a visual and philosophical research throughout this horror thriller, but god it’s bad on the end!!
I even laughed as it was nauseating and pathetic at the same time!
I did not at all subscribe to this ideological dive into the horrors of human ill-being (men and women alike), a work to vomit or to adore depending on what one is looking for in fantastico-horror cinema.

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