Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One

In two months, Mission Impossible 7 will land in dark rooms, with an even crazier Tom Cruise in dizzying stunts. His partner, Vanessa Kirby, was very impressed with the comedian.
On July 12, agent Ethan Hunt will resume service in Mission Impossible Dead Reckoning, still embodied by the tireless Tom Cruise. The 60-year-old comedian is as fearless as ever, pulling off absolutely mind-boggling stunts that are more perilous than ever!

Vanessa Kirby, who has played Alanna Mitsopolis since 2018’s Fallout, is full of praise for her partner’s ability to put themselves in danger without feeling the slightest angst.

The actress notably evoked the most dangerous stunt of the film, the one where Ethan must jump from a cliff perched on a motorcycle before opening his parachute.

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