Biopic about J. Robert Oppenheimer the “father of the atomic bomb” during World War II.
Tom Cruise, Christopher Nolan, same fight? In 2023, more than ever! The star of Top Gun and the director of Tenet will both be the big hosts of the summer at the cinema: the first on July 12 with the seventh Mission Impossible, the second a week later, with Oppenheimer. On the one hand, the continuation of a saga of espionage which does not skimp on the show. On the other, a biopic (the first by its author), devoted to J. Robert Oppenheimer, whose work led to the birth of the atomic bomb during the Second World War. But two feature films that will also have this concern for realism in common. While Tom Cruise multiplies the craziest stunts, risking his life, Christopher Nolan maximizes real special effects. And that’s how he flipped a truck in the middle of the street and decapitated a mid-air plane in the last two Dark Knights. Or rushed a Boeing into a hangar for Tenet’s purposes. So much so that many jokingly predicted that he was going to detonate an actual atomic bomb in Oppenheimer.

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