A commercial pilot, Brodie Torrance, pulled off the feat of landing his storm-damaged plane on dry land. He will discover that he landed on a war zone. He and the passengers find themselves taken hostage…
Gerard Butler is going to knock out the bad guy again for our greatest pleasure! A specialist in action films, the actor was directed by our Frenchy Jean-Fran├žois Richet in The Plane. This is not the first muscular feature film for the director, who notably worked with Ethan Hawke on Assault on central 13 in 2005.

In The Plane, Gerad Butler plays Brodie Torrance, an airline pilot. Caught in a violent storm with his plane, the latter managed the feat of landing it on dry land. But he will quickly discover that he is in a war zone. He and the passengers then find themselves taken hostage. Brodie is going to have to take matters into his own hands to get everyone out of this potentially deadly situation.
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The filming of the film, which took place in Puerto Rico, has just ended. Butler is surrounded by Tony Goldwyn and Paul Ben-Victor in the cast. The first is Scarsdale, a former special forces officer, now a crisis manager.

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