On June 3, 2017, Twenty-five-year-old Reality Winner was questioned by two FBI agents at her home. This banal and sometimes surreal conversation, with each dialogue taken from the authentic transcript of the interrogation, paints a complex portrait of an American millennial, veteran of the US Air Force, yoga teacher, who loves animals. , travel and share photos on social networks. Why is the FBI interested in her? Who is Reality really?
Reality is the first feature film directed by Tina Satter, to whom we owe several plays. The thriller, inspired by the true story of the whistleblower and ex-employee of an NSA subcontractor, Reality Winner, is also the adaptation of a play that the filmmaker had staged on Broadway. , Is This A Room, in 2021. We also find the same stuttering, coughing fits, discomfort in the exchanges and censored moments as in the minutes discovered by Tina Satter in 2017:

“As soon as I read this document, I said to myself that there was material for a film there. On the one hand, it is an administrative document of the FBI, but on the other, it emerges from it an astonishing force. It tells the story of Reality and evokes this moment that turned her life upside down. It is a fascinating document because it reveals, literally, the way in which the people involved in this case seek to communicate. said that the film would be all the stronger if we tried to restore the reality of what happened.

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