After witnessing a traumatic incident involving one of her patients, psychiatrist Rose Cotter’s life turns into a nightmare. Overwhelmed by a mysterious force, Rose will have to confront her past in an attempt to survive…
It’s been a while since I’ve had the jitters like that at the movies. “Smile” appears to be a horror film like any other, with a fairly classic scenario in itself: a woman finds herself the victim of a curse which is transmitted by suicide, so she will try to escape it before it is not too late. But the term horror is really well mastered by its realization and its rising anguish. The jump scares are very effective and the heroine manages to transmit her fear and her traumas to us. We are in a kind of psychological horror because we are going to sink with her into these frightening appearances with glaucous smiles while gradually losing ground. A shame when you know that the protagonist is a psychiatrist….
A good oppressive horror film that made me jump more than once with an ending that lives up to the story!

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