Super Mario Bros

This poster hides a new character that Mario Kart fans will love (or hate)! Indeed, if we zoom in a little on the image, we notice a small winged turtle with a spiked helmet next to the Nintendo plumber.
This enemy is a nod to one of the most horrifying bonuses in the Mario Kart franchise: the spiked blue shell! The latter landed for the first time in Mario Kart 64 and has not left the license; it is present in all games until the last, the 8th, available on Switch.
But what is the particularity of this bonus so that it is so feared by the players? If you get the pointed shell during a game, the latter, once launched, will directly hit the first of the race (taking away the other competitors in the process if you find yourself in its path).

This item alone can change the fate of a game! This is why he is the worst nightmare of Mario Kart players (especially the good ones, who are often first)! On the other hand, the last are in heaven when they obtain this shell, which allows them to sow discord at the head of the race!

Will this winged turtle wearing a spiked helmet disturb our heroes during the Mario Kart phase of the film? Given her presence on the poster, there is no doubt that she will come to play spoilsport!

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