Transformers: Rise Of The Beasts

Transformers: Rise of the Beasts returns to the action and the big show that have seduced millions of viewers around the world. This new part takes place in the heart of the 90s and takes us to the four corners of the globe. An all-new faction of Transformers robots – the Maximals – will join the Autobots in their eternal battle against the Decepticons. With five films in less than ten years, all directed by Michael Bay, the Transformers saga has regularly participated in the traditional summer of Hollywood blockbusters, of which he was one of the hosts. Until the last opus, The Last Knight, where the wear of its director was even more felt than before.

The disappointing box office (605 million dollars in revenue worldwide, where the two previous ones had crossed the billion mark) therefore favored its departure towards other horizons, and led the producers to rethink the franchise… in the past. Thanks to Bumblebee, a prequel centered on the robot of the same name. Then the future Rise of the Beasts, the next installment in the saga.

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