Women Talking

Women Talking is based on the novel of the same name (translated into French in 2019 under the title Ce Qu’elles dit) by Miriam Toews, published in 2018. Actress Frances McDormand acquired the rights to adapt it and proposed to Dede Gardner of Plan B to produce the film with her. “I found it to invite surprising and nuanced thinking, and fueled the conversation I had in my community. C Read more
Sarah Polley
Producers Dede Gardner and Frances McDormand (also an actress in the film) wanted the director of Women Talking to also write the screenplay. When they came up with the list of potential candidates, Sarah Polley’s name came to mind. “Her work says a lot. She had read the book on her own and had already considered how it would be possible to make a film out of it,” says McDormand. The author of Read more
Statement of intent
If the background story of Women Talking is violent, the film is not. Sarah Polley took care not to show the attacks suffered and favored the observation of a community of women who come together to decide how they will collectively respond to this violence.

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